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Positive Changes

February 28, 2012

Positive changes are headed my way. This is the season for feeling positive. We are well into the new year. Tomorrow it the 29th of February already. It’s our leap year day. The weather for this time of year is amazing. New York has had very little snow this winter. No blizzards; no snow banks or slushy curbside puddles for my feet to find, as they are accustomed to doing during the winter months. And, best of all, no icy sidewalks or tire tread marks in the middle of roads for me to slip upon. Today, as with yesterday and several days last week, is sun-filled cloudless blue skies, temperatures that will reach into the upper 50s. The weather this entire winter has been pristine. I am looking forward to the spring which is only 3 weeks away. Positive changes are happening and even though it is a process that may take this entire month to completely play out, it is the trend I am looking for that will help get me out of this money-deprived state I have been in over the last 4 years. It all begins with the right attitude. From various Buddhist readings and other spiritual insights, I am learning that the thoughts our minds harbor has much to do with the directions our lives travel. The Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” That says to me that we are always in charge, and in control of the lives we lead. For years I have been hearing from friends that their lives are a certain way and that they will always remain that certain way. They are bound by a job that they hate or in an environment they do not consider positive, but that is the life they’ve been given and there is nothing they can do about it. Unfortunitely, if that is their personal belief, then their chances of experiencing positive changes are extremely small. I still believe I am to see positive changes over the next decade. I just turned 50 last month and I have secretly told myself that my best years are yet to come. This life is an opportunity for all of us. As long as individuals believe the life they want is accessible, they they are bound to find success. I have just learned–though have heard in various forms in the past–that our brains will work to help us achieve what we desire. If we have specific thoughts, our brain cells will regroup and conform to those thoughts. We need to give a presentation, or I need to write something for my blog, or when someone else has a particular assignment to prepare for work: We need to see firmly in our minds eye what we want to achieve. We can visualize ourselves performing the tasks we need to do. We can replay it in our minds, from the very beginning of the project, to creating the project, to presenting it. Then we affirm what we are visualizine: I am presenting my presentation with confidence; I am confidently writing in my blog today/ I am visualizing the assignment I am to give. We can learn to use visualizing in everything that we do. Once our brains get our instructions to perform important tasks things should be performed effortlessly. This is how I am living my life now. I spend much time meditating. I sit quietly in the morning and evening reaching to find evermore inner peace. The important thing is to concentrate on the breath as I inhale and exhale. After doing this for at least 20 minutes or longer, I feel I have the mental control to direct my mind where I desire. This may take some time to acheive (I’ve been practicing various forms of meditation for over 20 years.) After finding acute focus, I can put my mind upon the idea of performing a task. “I see myself writing in my blog. My mind is focused. I generally know things I would like to say. I see myself sitting down at my laptop and pouring out my all my thoughts and feelings.” I can do this same thing after many meditation periods. The more I do this, the more confidence I will have about writing something. Then I just write. I may need to do this over long periods. That is when the brain will keep working to help me achieve the writing I desire, or to do anything. You may want to do this with easier tasks, and then work to perform more confident tasks. Only after 20 years of meditating am I getting to the point where I can direct my life of my desires. In this way, my life is becoming the source of positive changes I have envisioned over many years.

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