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What Now?

January 31, 2012

My apologies for neglecting to write more often. If I have a fan base out there by now, I’m sure they think something terrible has happened to me. I’m happy to say I am doing ok. Sometimes I stare at a blank notebook page (I usually begin by writing in my journal and then use those themes to write something here) while I’m sipping a hot Americana coffee at Starbuck’s and have nothing of interest to write. That’s because my life usually isn’t very interesting.

I need to find work. I have been unemployed since October and have been dragging my feet about looking for something new. Not really sure what I want. Because the economy is so slow now, people are telling me to get anything I can. Even with that assumption, the likelihood of finding just anything at this time is slim. I do want to be working, however, and I’d like to be making an income over $11.00 an hour. At my age of 50, I should be preparing for retirement by now. I should have a wife and a few kids. They tell me not to compare myself to others or make assumptions of how I should be living according to the norms. The deal is that I don’t have much of much. I rent a room in the basement of my friend’s house. Between food stamps and unemployment benefits I get about $300.00 for food. There is little money left over for anything else. Even though I live in poverty-like conditions I’m ok with it. I’m ok being in my situation because others who are working and who have kids may be wishing to have what I have: a nice quiet life of a single male with little worries other than making some extra money so that I can have a decent meal.

My plan is to start using the networking websites more and to network friends. I’m told this is the best way to go. I’ll still send out resumes online, but I am not depending on that method alone. There are too few jobs out there and too many available job seekers. I’m going to a couple of job seeking workshops this week. I was going to a third workshop tomorrow, but they cancelled on me. Now they are going to make me wait until next week. Such is my life. I’m always proactive about doing things, and the people who are supposed to be helping me bail. They have their cushy jobs. If I need to wait a little longer to find work to support myself it won’t affect them none. There is another workshop I am going to on Wednesday—all about networking. Not sure if networking will help me find work any faster, but it’s just another option.

This is a much shorter post than previous. I just had a lot to say when I started this blog. I still have much to say, but maybe those were a little long. They were long. I need to be more concise when I write. I have a habit of writing without brakes. My dream of writing for a living will need to wait. I have it to be a professional writer. It would be a dream: writing all day and then submitting samples of my work for publication. Right now, I’m happy just to share my private thoughts. I will make a great effort to write something else before the end of the week. Please stay tuned.

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