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Hello world!

November 27, 2011

Hello World,

How are you today? This is actually my second post. I’ve already typed out an introductory page. We live in an ADD era. With the need to multitask in our technically advanced society, it only stands to reason that a segment of our society are having trouble keeping up with everything. People with ADD just can’t live up to the demands of everyday modern life. We try, but our brains lack a neuro transmitter fluid that is needed for all the brain cells to communicate properly with each other. That is what is explained to us, anyway. Friends and family want to assume the people with ADD are lazy and irresponsible. This is not the case. Many of us are very smart and want to do everything possible. We just can’t though. I will be raising issues that many persons with ADD experience. Right now, I just want to say hi to everyone. I will write more soon.

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